27 February 2018

Executive Channel Network (ECN), Europe’s leading workplace communications specialist, today presented the key findings of its European workplace study, at One Alfred Place, London.

Over 1,500 European workplace professionals participated in a quantitative field study in the UK, France and Germany, with interviews also held with key property and HR professionals in London and Paris.  ECN commissioned the independent study through illigo, a specialist media and marketing research firm.

The UK and European workplace is undergoing rapid transformation with workplace talent increasingly choosing their next job on the workplace experience as much as the job itself.  The key European workplace findings were:

79% agree workplace experience impacts job choice 

Building experience and amenities were seen as major causes of workplace change

84% agree ECN content improves workplace amenities 

71% agree ECN improves the workplace experience 

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Richard Blackburn, UK Managing Director – ECN, commented:

“London is shifting with digital screens permeating every public space such as airports, rail, retail and now the workplace.  ECN is committed to creating value for our partners in order to attract more occupiers to their assets.  Our managed content system not only saves money and time, but is also an effective way for asset partners to elevate the status of their workplace to current and future occupiers.”

Paul McBeth, International Strategic Sales & Marketing Director – ECN, said:

“The UK and London occupier profile is ever evolving, with technology companies continuing to lease more and more space.  London office sub-markets such as The City and Midtown are increasingly becoming mini tech cities and for these companies, there is a natural expectation of a fully digital workplace experience, from the front door until they reach their work station.  With 86% of workplace talent wanting to be informed about their workplace community, ECN’s managed content solution is proven to add tangible customer value, thereby enhancing the workplace experience.

For more information on the content of the workplace insights, please contact Jo Morris, ECN UK Asset Development Director.