17 November 2017

WORKTECH 17 London was held at HereEast on Nov 14 & 15.

The main themes at this year’s event were technology & people, space & culture

There were some outstanding speakers and presentations including:

Chris Fussell, ex Navy Seal and author of Team of Teams.  Chris compared the challenges of today’s organisations with that of the US Army, which has had to adapt to a new organisational structure and change its leadership dialogue in order to combat modern day de-centralised network structures.  Simply put, big fish will get eaten by many much smaller fish if they do not adapt.

Ryan Fuller , General Manager of Workplace, Microsoft – gave a fascinating insight into how Microsoft harnesses the huge data stack from applications such as Office 365 to identify productivity drivers within individuals, the organisation, and importantly, how the physical workplace environment can be designed to enhance this productivity.

Aaron Taylor Harvey  , Environments Creative Director Airbnb, spoke about the importance of creating a fun and productive environment.  Airbnb’s San Francisco office is truly something to behold  .  As Aaron commented, “brand can be experienced, and the office environment should tell you why you work, not where you work”.

Accenture’s UKI Lead of Connected Buildings, Matthew Marson showcased Accenture’s Connected Building (The Dock)at 7 Hanover Quay, Dublin.  This smart & connected office building has saved 400 tonnes of CO2 annually, and has been predicted to reduce sick leave by 28%.

Gerard Taylor examined the rush of technology entering our lives, but he also delivered a contrarian view with some fantastic lessons about how new technology isn’t always adopted as planned.

Kelly Robinson had the entire auditorium meditating and provided some great examples of companies such as Felfel delivering wellbeing in the workplace.

As Gerard Taylor so eloquently said, “technology has come to the workplace slowly slowly then at all once”.  However even with the amount of technology available in today’s Workplace, it was agreed that serendipitous human interactions and conversations will always deliver the strongest workplace creativity and innovation.

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