4 August 2017

Since 2009, ECN has brought the latest breaking news, local weather and travel information to London’s office market.

ECN UK new content v2

As digital technology continues to evolve, so too does ECN with our new content templates using the latest HTML5 technology, ensuring we respond to our clients needs faster and more efficiently.  Technical benefits aside, we have introduced some aesthetic changes including the introduction of a vibrant (blue) background, larger moving imagery, longer display times for news content and more body-copy with each story.  These changes will improve engagement with the content on the displays.

Charles Parry-Okeden, Global CEO of Executive Channel Holdings commented:

“The refreshed content reflects ECN’s position as the leader in office media in the UK and Europe.  With 2 offices joining ECN’s European network every week, we expect this latest brand evolution will only further increase interest from commercial office property partners”.

ECN has offices in London, Paris and Frankfurt, and now has over 300 European offices using its content platform in 11 cities.